Crimes of Capitalism in Kenya
Press cuttings on Moi-KANU’s Reign of Terror in Kenya, 1980s-1990s
edited by Shiraz Durrani, Kimani Waweru



Corpses of Unity
An Anthology of Poems
edited by Nsah Mala, Mbizo Chirasha



Pio Gama Pinto
Kenya’s Unsung Martyr. 1927 – 1965
edited by Shiraz Durrani.  2018

Mau Mau the Revolutionary, Anti-Imperialist Force from Kenya: 1948-1963
by Shiraz Durrani









Trade Unions in Kenya’s War of Independence
by Shiraz Durrani




People’s Resistance to Colonialism and Imperialism in Kenya
by Shiraz Durrani




Kenya’s War of Independence
Mau Mau and its Legacy of Resistance to Colonialism and Imperialism, 1948-1990
by Shiraz Durrani.  2018


Awaaz Vol. 14 (2) 2017


Liberating Minds, Restoring Kenyan History
Anti-Imperialist Resistance by Progressive South Asian Kenyans 1884-1965
by Nazmi Durrani.  2017
Makhan Singh. A Revolutionary Kenyan Trade Unionist
by Shiraz Durrani.  2016

Olende Makhan Singh (Socialist Review) Feb 2016

SD- Makhan Singh (05-10-15) Book launch SOAS


Progressive librarianship: perspectives from Britain and KenyaProgressive Librarianship
Perspectives from Kenya and Britain, 1979-2010
by Shiraz Durrani. 2014

Progressive Librarianship Review (Awaaz) 2014

Kagan, Al (Progressive Librarianship) USA

Information and liberation
Writings on the Politics of Information and Librarianship
by Shiraz Durrani.  2008
I&L Review InterActions (Jan10) Hom (UCLA) I&L review (Cotera) Focus 40(1)2009

I&L Review (SSRT) 2009

I&L Review (Update) April 2009 (2)

I&L Review LIBREAS Library Ideas 15 (2)

I&L New Diaspora Forum (2008)

I&L New Diaspora Forum (2008)

Never Be Silent
Publishing and Imperialism 1884-1963
by Shiraz Durrani. 2006


NBS review Sunday Nation (26-11-06)

NBS launch report (S Nation) 2006

NBS review (Kenya Times) 04-08-06

NBS Review (Morning Star) Pateman (13-05-07) copy

I&L Review LIBREAS 15 (Mostad-Jensen)

Branch (2008) NBS review (RoAPE) 35(116)349-350

NBS review (J Access Serv) 2010

NBS review (Afr Stud Rev)2007

NBS review (ISC)

NBS-Progressive-Librarian-2007 (AL Kagan)

NBS review (Mahone) J Afr Hist (2007)

NBS review (Int J Afr Hist Stu) 2007

NBS review (Focus) 2007

NBS (Awaaz) 2007

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Karimi Nduthu: A Life in the Struggle


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Shiraz Durrani: Kimaathi: Mau Mau’s FIrst Prime Minister of Kenya.  1986.  ISBN     1-869886-01-1

Kimaathi – (Test 1)


FRFI (1993) Hjelmervk pdf

Sunday Nation (Johannesburg) 1993 (Tuwani)

Sunday Nation (Johannesburg) 1993

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Ngugi wa Thiong’0: Writing Against Neocolonialism


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Writing against neocolonialism