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Launching Vita Books.

  • Amount Raised
  • Project Cost: 34,567 Ksh.
  • Project Started on: 2022-11-12
  • Project Ended on: 2022-11-08

Problem Statement

the incarceration of those who brought them into the world only compounds that disadvantage. Without parents being in the lives of their children due to incarceration, children have shown to at times engage in some form of criminal activity or turn to antisocial behavior in order to help cope with their parents not being around to guide or support them. They also experience financial or economic hardship, trouble at school whether it be socially or academically, or just plain


As a result of children being left without their parents mostly at times of long term imprisonment, children and other youth tend to be at higher risk of enduring some form of mental and psychological issues or engage in some form of antisocial or otherwise unacceptable behavior or action. Turney (2014) explains that children of incarcerated parents especially those belonging racial and ethnic minorities are an extremely vulnerable group and because of this are more likely than others to take part in behaviors that are not always acceptable and because of the fact that they are already at a disadvantage of belonging to a minority group


What we Did

In the United States criminal justice system, there are well over 2 million people who are serving time incarcerated in either jails or prisons. There are more people incarcerated here in the United States than anywhere else in the world. This greatly affects minority children and children who happen to live in impoverished areas. According to Maruschak, Bronson, and Alper (2021) the average age of a child who has a mother or father serving time incarcerated is 10. Those parents who are serving time in a state prison is approximately 47% and those serving time in the federal prison system is 58%. Parents remaining in their children’s lives while

  • incarcerated even in a small, mynute capacity
  • In the United States criminal justice system
  • As a result of children being left without their
  • economic hardship, trouble at school whether