Skills for a Globalised World

Skills for a Globalised World: Relevant Skills for Public Library Staff was a project based in the Department of Applied Social Sciences at London Metropolitan University. The Project was funded by the Linking London Lifelong Learning Network and focused on developing new curriculum that meets the need for the development of new skills within the public library workforce.

The public library as an institution needs renewal so that it can find a new role in a rapidly changing world. An important requirement in the emergence of a new role is the need to train library staff and managers with the skills, knowledge and expertise to meet new challenges. Old skills cannot entirely meet new needs and a balance is required between “traditional” and “new” skills. The aim of the learning opportunities under development was to provide participants with some of the key skills/understanding needed to take library services forward in keeping with public services reforms.

The experiences of the Quality Leaders Project – Youth, detailed elsewhere on this site, suggest that a combination of work-based learning supported by an academic approach will lead to a level of skills development unlikely with a solely work-based or college-based approach and it is this combined approach that informed the Project’s curriculum development.

Consultation on the Project took place at the joint CILIP Diversity Group/Career Development Group Conference run in conjunction with London Metropolitan University on 6 July 2009.

Available papers are:

The final report of the project has now been published.

UEL Connect, University of East London takes up the Skills for a Globalised World Project for Barking and Dagenham Library Service

Following the completion of the Skills Project, UEL Connect, University of East London successfully applied for funds from the Linking London Network for a pilot project for one of the Modules recommended by the Skills Project. This was Change management and leadership in public library services developed and delivered by Shiraz Durrani for library staff at the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

The Module started on 6 September and ended on 13 December 2010 with a half day conference “to share, promote and develop this initiative”. Further details of the conference and the Module are in the following documents:

The PowerPoint presentation from the final session is also now available – Change Management review session notes (15 November 2010) (1.20 Mb).

Further details about the Module and teaching programme are available from Shiraz Durrani.

Updated December 2012.