Quality Leaders Project

The Quality Leaders Project –Youth (QLP-Y), which was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, was an extension of a previous initiative, the Quality Leaders Project, developed by the London Borough of Merton in partnership with the Management Research Centre of the London Metropolitan University, which aimed to combat social exclusion within the public library and information services sectors.

The QLP-Y project was designed to address social exclusion of young people from libraries and other services, through developing partnership between library services, youth services and community groups.

Its aim was to create opportunities for young people to participate in society and to develop their creativity, reading and life skills, through developing staff skills and innovative services responsive to the needs of young people.

A key aspect of QLP-Y was the involvement of young people from a range of backgrounds in the shaping of service provision, including initiatives to reach young people such as refugees and asylum seekers whose needs have not been met fully in the past.

Updated December 2012